Our workshop series designed specifically to give you the tools to navigate nutrition in the 21st Century.


The nutrition masterclass is a four part workshop series designed to make you your own master of nutrition knowledge.

When I come across an article, newspaper item, magazine piece about food, diet or nutrition, or a  new product I logically work my way through what food it is (or isn't), how the body will digest it, where it will go, how it will be stored and then used, and what are the possible biochemical side effects (trust me, nutrients do not act in isolation, nor in only one part of the body). Then I put it in the context of how it would actually fit into my day-to-day life and lifestyle.

The masterclass is a four part workshop series aimed at developing your knowledge bank to allow you to demystify food. Examples of masterclass topics include:

  • What carbs, proteins and fats actually are. 
  • How they are digested, metabolised, stored and used.
  • What nutrients are actually in food, and how many of them actually make it to the gut (some vitamins are destroyed by high heat - fact)
  • How to navigate the supermarket, and what to look for on a food label.
  • How to apply and practice this knowledge.

It may sound like a lot, but it is a knowledge arsenal on which you can draw when you are trying to decide if something is a fad, fluff or fact when it comes to food.

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