When using LMN you can be assured you will be receiving professional advice and support from an experienced practitioner.

CONSULTATION - One - two hours + follow up

A consultation is a perfect place to start if starting is the hardest part. Maybe you want some one on one time with a professional? Maybe you have some goals you want to achieve on your own, but don't know how to make those changes happen? Or maybe you just have some questions? Catch up for an hour or two and discuss goals, challenges, budget, and lifestyle habits, so we can work with you to identify what will work best for you. Get highly personalised and individualised nutrition advice to get you started working towards your goals, as well as weekly follow up for two weeks.


Needing something a little more specific? The devil is in the detail they say. This consultation involves a detailed 7-day dietary analysis with a 60-minute consultation follow up to discuss your results and provide strategies to help you address any nutritional issues or identify gaps in your training nutrition. This is also a useful tool if you want to check if you are getting all the nutrients you need.


As you change so too does your nutrition. A follow up consultation is a great tool to keep momentum in your journey and avoid the dreaded plateau. We identify what is and isn't working, and new strategies to help you reach your goals. Sessions from 15 min to 30 min.


A highly individualised and detailed support package designed to help you achieve your goal, be it weight loss, muscle gain, or a specific performance target. This is weekly support over a period of weeks (dependent on your goal). It includes an initial 60-minute consultation, a 7-day dietary assessment and review with feedback and adjustments, targeting specific energy guidelines, training nutrition guidelines and nutrition timing strategies. You will also receive individual resources to assist you, as well as body composition assessment. Follow-up consultations to assess effectiveness and progression are included weekly. Prices for this package are dependent on duration of support.


Body composition in its simplest form refers to fat mass and fat free mass. If you want to know how your body composition is changing as a result of training and/or nutrition, then book in for a full body composition assessment. You will receive both the measurements and a follow up report of your results. 

Lillian is a qualified and accredited ISAK Level 3 Anthropometrist. Level 3 practitioners have precision in 43 anthropometric dimensions, but also the theoretical and practical knowledge of anthropometry to instruct and accredit Level 1 and 2 practitioners. This means you will be getting an accurate assessment of your current body fat levels.


I have run workshops for small groups of 4 people, to groups as large as 150.  Each workshop delivered is tailored to your group's needs, age and stage, and desired outcome. Here at LMN we pride ourselves on not being transmissive and boring. The objective of each workshop is for individuals to walk away and USE the information, not just know it. If you have a group, team, or bunch of people that would benefit from a nutrition workshop please make an enquiry. We can, and do, travel to deliver workshops if needed.


You may have a need outside the stated services. It may be menu planning for upcoming sport camps, tours or tournaments. It may be checking supplement safety for you, your young athlete or your team. It may be some professional development for your gym staff or PTs. If you have any questions please make an enquiry and we will see if we can help.


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"Lillian has worked across our High Performance Premier Teams and has been instrumental in changing the student’s perception and the importance of nutrition for not only athletic achievement but also in their wellbeing and lifestyle. Her professionalism and her delivery are outstanding."

Nic Slade
Sports Director, St Peter's Cambridge

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