Lillian is a NZ Registered nutritionist with over 15 years of experience working with a range of clients from elite athletes to adolescents. You don't have to be an athlete or gym goer to benefit from better nutrition habits. Busy lives need good nutrition advice. Lillian has both the knowledge and experience to help you reach your performance and health goals.


Lillian has worked extensively in the high performance sport area across a number of sporting codes. Let her apply sound, scientific performance nutrition principles and advice to your training to enhance your adaptations, performance and recovery. 


Overwhelmed by all the conflicting nutrition information available today? Regain control of your nutrition with personalised strategies that fit into your lifestyle, budget and help you achieve your goals. Gain the knowledge and understanding to allow you to maintain habits long-term.


Lillian Morton (PhD)

LMN does not do fads. She does not source her information from insta, facebook or the web. She is a sport scientist who is grounded by research, evidence and a great deal of experience. While she is strongly evidence-based, she takes a pragmatic approach that works best with YOUR lifestyle, goals and commitments. Lillian's aim when working with clients is to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to allow them to confidently manage their nutrition long-term.

PhD - University of Auckland

NZ Registered Nutritionist

IOC Sports Nutrition Diploma

ISAK Level 3 Anthropometrist

"Lillian is an exceptional nutritionist. I have worked with her for the past 2 years and she has always given me sound advice to meet the energy needs I have as an elite athlete. Her passion is evident and she is easy to approach and work with."

Brooke Donaghue
NZ Rower, World Rowing Champion, 2017, Women's 2X

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Located in Hamilton, Lillian is able to work with clients around the Waikato region, including the Bay of Plenty area. She is also available for Skype and phone consultations.


027 519 0374