Day-to-day Nutrition

I admit even I have days where I am overwhelmed by the volume of nutrition information out there. Much of it is contradictory too, which makes it confusing. Fortunately I have the knowledge and ability to go to the scientific literature and make an informed decision about a current trend, fad or superfood. It takes a proactive approach to understand nutrition in this day and age. 

I encounter daily nutrition myths, or individuals who are following a pattern of eating because a family member/friend/acquaintance suggested it. What may work for one individual may not work for you. 

Good nutrition is a daily habit. Good nutrition, not great, not perfect, just good. Good nutrition needs to be sustainable, long-term.

I believe knowledge is power, and it is my goal when working with clients to empower them with the ability to make informed decisions and not succumb to quick fix solutions or the latest fad. We work together to find the nutrition habits that will be easily integrated into your day-to-day living, long-term, giving you the power over your food choices.

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