What is Performance Nutrition?

Performance Nutrition refers to the use of dietary interventions to positively impact training, training adaptations, and ultimately athletic performance. The strategies used are highly sport specific, and also age specific. The interventions are underpinned by strong scientific evidence and applied in a practical way to the individual. Nutrition strategies cover day-to-day eating as well as event/game/race day fuelling. Performance nutrition is also applied during recovery from injury to facilitate early return to full training.

Who needs a performance nutritionist? Any individual who is participating in any form of regular training would benefit from applied performance nutrition strategies. Training often, hard and still not really making any headway? Then examining your training nutrition may be of benefit. Just started on an exercise programme? Training alone does add some benefit. Combined with the correct nutrition for your training goals amplifies the response. A seasoned weekend warrior but want to take it to the next level? Add the nutrition science and see what happens.

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