The blogs below are written in an informal style about serious, and not so serious, topics, mostly nutrition related, but also training, physiology and anything related to health, behaviour change or living life to the full. I can be opinionated so bear this in mind when reading. Enjoy.

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Nutrition for Masters Athletes - resource

Well, never in a million, gazillion years would I ever imagine doing a podcast, let alone one with video!!! Super excited to be part of Rowing Chat( and having the opportunity to talk about nutrition related topics. First episode airs soon, and the resource is below. Admittedly a bit vague (deliberately so). If you need more info please get in touch, or stay tuned for future podcasts to build the knowledge....

December 16, 2019

Summer and Why food plans don't always work.

Ooooowhee, summer is coming. How do I know this? No, it isn’t the fact that I need to mow the lawns more often. Nor is it the fact that the mornings are lighter, and the days are longer. It is the barrage of fitspo advertising asking me if I am summer ready? I thought I was. I even shaved my legs on Tuesday on the off chance I may be wearing shorts soon. No, it appears now is the time to get my ‘summer body’, and I also need to spring clean my pantry if I want a ‘summer body’. Wait! Wh...

September 12, 2019

What's in my pantry and why context is everything

“I would love to have a look in your pantry”.  No, this wasn’t some weird pick up line, but rather something someone said to me the other week. In all the years I have been a nutritionist, no one has ever really asked what I, as a nutritionist, eat. I had a look at my pantry when I got home, just in case the individual took me up on my offer to “come and check it out”.  I have attached some really bad photos of my pantry and kitchen shelves (they are not deliberately bad, I j...

August 31, 2019

Why I need to become a breatharian

It is official. It seems the only dietary regime left to me is to become a breatharian. Extreme you say? Well, allow me to share how I have come to this conclusion. I have spent the last few years working in the high-performance sport area with our Nation’s elite athletes. I was working with athletes who train up to 24 hours per week. I was a performance nutritionist. My role was to ensure their health was not compromised, and provide nutrition strategies that facilitated training adaptations ...

August 14, 2019

Too much of a good thing?

I confess I had to google ‘clean eating’. Outrageous for a nutritionist I’m sure. When I think clean eating, I imagine a moment where somehow you have not spilt crumbs anywhere (no, I am not a messy eater, but some foods just travel), or when your toddler finally manages to put the food IN their mouth. I hear the term clean eating all the time, and I guessed it implied eating whole food with little to no preservatives, but thought I would double check, hence the google search....

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